Princess Galatea
Voiced By Francesca Manicone (Original/Italian)

Bella Hudson (4Kids)  Jennifer Hale (Nickelodeon)

Age Presumed 16 in Season 3 (she supposedly joined Alfea in Season 3)
Origin Melody
Affiliation(s) Alfea , Winx Club, Melody
Powers and Abilities Music
First Appearance The Mirror of Truth (Original, Cinelume

Galatea is the princess of Musa's homeworld, Melody


Season 3Edit

When Musa  walks into the room where Galatea was playing the musical instruments, she was amazed by the wonderful music that Galatea was composing. Musa introduced herself and is honored to meet the princess of her realm.

Galatea is captured by the Trix

Galatea is captured by the Trix

When the group of fairies split up to look for the Trix, Galatea spots them first. The Trix demand her to show them the spells. Galatea tries to send a message, using sound waves, and it catches Bloom and Musa's attention. Musa explains that using sound waves are a way of communication, and that Galatea needs help.

Galatea's wings are frozen and broken when Icy becomes mad at her. The Winx comes in time and fights of the Trix. When Darcy set the library on fire, the Trix leave and Galatea rushes back into the fire to save the spell books.

Musa rushes into the fire to save Galatea, and receives her Enchantix . With the help of fairy dust, Galatea gets her wings back.

Season 5Edit

Galatea appeared in "The Devourer". She's seen at Domino 's palace, discusses the way of defeating Tritannus, though she only made a cameo.


Galatea is casting a spell

Gslatea casting a spell

Galatea has waist length pale blonde hair, a pale peach skin tone and blue eyes. Her facial features are similar to Musa's.


Galatea wears a pale green ruffly dress that has two points at the end that cover lighter green ruffles and has a blue belt with a gold music note on it. Her hair bows have changed to lime green and she wears a blue head piece with a gold question mark on it, she also wears a pale yellow necklace. Her shoes are light yellow heels with gold laces going up her legs and hang of the sides. Her wing are pale yellow with gold trim and resemble treble clefs.


She wears a soft blue top under a soft lavender dress with a ruffly skirt and hanging ruffled tips of the sleeves and a large opening that shows the shirt under it outlined in ruffles with a vampire neck and connected soft lavender tights. She also wears a yellow crown with a gold diamond on the top and a black necklace with a gold diamond and two black hairbows in her hair.

Royal DressEdit

Galatea royal dress
Coming soon...

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Galatea sends sound waves

Galatea sending sound waves

Galatea's powers are also releated to music and sound waves like Musa. She can communicate with Musa, using her sound waves trying to warn her that the witches are in the library.

Use of PowersEdit

  • She played music with her magic
  • Levitating instruments
  • Communicating with Musa

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