Light of Sirenix
300px-Light of sirenix 516
User(s) Stella
Form(s) Sirenix
Type Special

Light of Sirenix is Stella's special Sirenix spell. It is quite a unique and tremendously powerful and effective spell. She unleashes a huge amount of light on her hands that covers her whole body, and lights up the depths of the infinite ocean. This attack is so powerful that all creatures that looks at her/it may lose sight. If she do not summon enough light, it will just be thrown to the enemy as a non-blinding light and just a normal attack.

Times when UsedEdit

  • Season 5 Episode 15 - used against the mutants
  • Season 5 Episode 16 - Used to stabilize the Pillar of Light to it's original state.
  • Season 5 Episode 26 - Used against Tritannus' mutants


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