From left to right Serena, Lithia, Desiryee, Nissa, Lemmy, Illiris, and Sonna

The Selkies are small mermaid-like magical creatures that appear in Season 5.


Ocean portal

An ocean portal


The Gate Keepers are the Selkies that guard the portals connecting the Ocean of Andros to the oceans of all the worlds and realms of the entire Magic Dimension. They are known as the underwater pixies. They have the ability to open or close the portals that link the Ocean of Andros to the oceans of another world or planet, and there is one gatekeeper for each world with the special symbols on their foreheads.

The Guardian Selkies guard the Pillars of the Infinite Ocean, like the Pillar of Light, the Pillar of Balance and thePillar of Control. They use golden weapons and do not have symbols
Guardian Selkies

Guardian Selkies

on their foreheads. Along with the gate keepers (selkies that have ability to open ocean gates) and guardian selkies (selkies that guard the pillars in the Infinite Ocean), there are still many normal selkies with unknown power.